Monday, March 17, 2014

Music Monday: Zoom

I first got into Winnipeg band, The Watchmen, several years ago, when I was car sitting. My next-door neighbours and friends, Marc and Vicki, would travel to Belgium for a couple of months to train for cycling, and would leave me with their Matrix to look after and keep running while they were away.

Tough gig: drive a car during the coldest months of winter, instead of taking the bus to work.

One year, they left a CD in the car, and I would play it when I wasn't listening to the CBC. It was The Watchmen's album, Brand New Day, and I was hooked.

I added one of the songs from that album, Zoom, to my playlist for my own cycling, and it's one of my favourite songs from the band. It has a good pace and a driving chorus, just what you need to keep the pedals going. It's also a great tune to get your week moving.


If you like this song, give a listen to another song of theirs that I love, All Uncovered.

Happy Monday!

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