Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday: Colour

Last Friday, a large group of my photography meetup group gathered on the Mackenzie Bridge for a late-night photo walk that took us along the canal to the locks between the Chateau Laurier and Parliament Hill, over to the National Gallery, and finally, at the Alexandra Bridge, which was closed to traffic, for maintenance.

If you saw my Wordless Wednesday this week, you've already seen some of my photos from that evening.

Our walk took us underneath the War Memorial, where Wellington and Elgin meet, and where my family ended our summer canoe vacation, which had started in Kingston. This underpass is clean, unadorned concrete, which I'm happy to say is free of graffiti. I've taken photos under here before, but never at night.

The lights that illuminate this area are multicoloured, but the eye wanted to blend them into a uniform tone.

But my camera and photo-editing software know better.

Happy Friday!

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