Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Road to 50

Where one photo project ends, another begins.

This week brings the end of my Bate Island Project. My last photo will be taken on Friday, as I head home from work. Over the weekend, I will select the best shots and compile a short video to show the changing weather, the changing seasons, the changing light. The bush, so poorly positioned in the foreground, which was my guide when the cityscape was obscured by fog and snow, will sprout buds, grow leaves, colour, and lose those leaves.

No more will I keep an eye out for creepy guys and wacko ladies. I'm not saying I'll never take another photo on Bate Island, but I'll never feel compelled to.

But before the Bate Island Project ends, another project will begin. Tomorrow, I turn 49. It will be the last year in my 40s. And I thought that to mark this close to a decade, one of the best decades of my life, I would take on a true 365-day project.

I call it The Road to 50.

I will take a selfie of myself, every day, until my 50th birthday. I will try to be original with each shot, doing something unique for each day. That, on top of the fact that I hate taking photos of myself, will be doubly challenging.

But take heart: I won't be posting the photos every day on The Brown Knowser. They will be available on Flickr.

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