Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday: Guttersnipe

I bought a new smartphone on the weekend.

It was a totally spontaneous act: I wasn't expecting to update my current phone for a couple of months, as I'm on a contract and it doesn't expire until mid-June. But I've been considering moving from an iPhone to either an Android device or a Windows phone, so I just went to see what was out there.

The salesperson at my cell-phone provider, upon looking at my account, told me he'd allow me to get out of my contract right away, with no penalty. I told him that I had intended to unlock my iPhone and give it to my daughter: she would get a basic monthly plan, with no data. I would then get a newer phone.

He said, "Let's do it." So, I did it.

My new phone is not an iPhone, so I'm starting over. While I was able to seamlessly transfer my contact information to the new phone and gain access to photos through the Cloud, I have to rebuild my music files.

And, because I could pick and choose new songs, get rid of ones I've grown tired of (and finally get rid of the ones I downloaded through the iCloud and didn't like, but could not delete), I had to think about what I wanted.

One of the songs that I acquired as a free iTunes download through Starbucks moved almost immediately to my new phone.

It's Guttersnipe, by Bhi Bhiman.

I like the steady acoustic guitar and driving vocals. The song is also driving, and it's no surprise to find that it's one of my favourite songs to play while I'm driving, especially at night.

Give it a listen.

Bhi Bhiman "Guttersnipe" from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.

Happy Monday!

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