Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This is the 'Droid I'm Looking For

So, the Windows Phone didn't last long.

If you read my blog post last week, you learned that I suddenly found myself going from a consumer who was inquiring about a replacement smartphone to the owner of a new telecommunications device/hand-held computer. About two months sooner than I had expected to be.

And, because I had been wondering about the Windows Phone, it was the first device I picked up. I planned to test it for two weeks, but by day five, I was ready to move on.

Though I was able to find most of the apps that I used on my iPhone, I quickly discovered that I missed the apps that I couldn't find: especially, my Starbucks app and HootSuite. I also found that the camera wasn't that great—didn't seem that sophisticated nor did the photos appear that clear on the screen. While I liked the tiles and the ease of navigation, I found the look of the tiles themselves to be a little uninspiring.

Many of you who communicated with me through the blog and Twitter steered me toward Android, and so I returned the Windows Phone 10 days earlier than I planned and opted for a Samsung Galaxy S4.

On day 5 of having it (as of writing this post), I love it. I love the speed of its quad-core processor and five-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution HD display, it works fast and looks great doing it. It also has a 13 mega-pixel camera and, with my love of photography, makes more sense than the 5-MP camera on the Windows Phone.

As far as apps go, Android has so many, including my favourites. I was paying for my grande Pike on my phone the very day after I left the store with it. And I can finally receive audible notifications from HooteSuite, something that stopped working on my iPhone a year ago.

I'm bonding with this phone more than I have with any phone to date. I'm not even missing my iPhone a little bit, and that Windows Phone is already long forgotten.

I want to thank those who helped steer me towards an Android phone, but I especially want to thank Vanessa, from Future Shop, for her help and patience in setting me up with the phone, and Jon Moore, for showing me some secrets of the Galaxy phone and passing on some useful apps.

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