Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Friday: The Other Shot

When I took pictures of the Canadian Bank Note Company last weekend, in preparation for Where In Ottawa, I wondered if the crest would give it away.

It didn't.

The beaver is one of our national symbols and those flat-tailed critters can be found all over the city.

It was the first clue that gave it away, according to this month's winner, Joe Boughner.


The clue was simple: "Make a note of this place." But with that one clue, Joe was able to guess the Canadian Bank Note Company.

I think he lives in the area.

When I chose the closeup of the building's crest, I thought someone may have paid attention to it. But I almost used a different shot, one that shoes a clock that protrudes from the right-hand side of the building, as you face it.

It's not easily seen.

Which means that you would have had to rely on many clues to get the answer to the challenge.

How about you, Joe? Would the clue have helped you with the first clue? (Congratulations, by the way, buddy. I hope you enjoy your dinner at Mill Street.)

For next month, the gloves are off. The challenge will be the hardest yet. Are you ready? Also, I'm looking to see if any Ottawa-area business would like to offer a giveaway for the next Where In Ottawa. Any takers?

Happy Friday!

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