Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Friday: NYC is Calling

Wanderlust is calling.

It's telling me to hit the road, to travel, to leave Ottawa.

I want to go back to New York City.

A friend of mine was recently there and shared parts of the city that I love through tweets and Instagram photos. And I wanted to be there.

Some of my oldest and dearest friends, with whom my wife and I have traveled in the past, to the Niagara Region, to Toronto, to Montreal, are headed to the Big Apple in another week. And I want to follow them.

I'm not one for big cities. Ottawa is the perfect size for me. A respectable city that feels like a town. But New York is different. Its size, the height of the buildings, and the crowds of people. Every part of NYC seems to breathe, is alive.

And I want to go back.

How about you? Is there a place that is calling to you?

Happy Friday!


  1. Go! I was there last week for four days and it was a great little vacation! I discovered new-to-me areas of Central Park, had a leisurely lunch at Sarabeth's, walked The High Line, and ate many treats at Chelsea Market. When you get back it will be time to train for Rideau Lakes - so go now!!

    1. I wish! I doubt I can get away before the summer. But I will go again soon.