Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Monday: Night Still Comes

There is a song I have, that I downloaded for my iPhone when I was still collecting the iTunes cards at Starbucks, that I had to keep and store on my new phone when I upgraded (in so many ways) to an Android phone.

Neko Case is one of those singer-songwriters that gets a lot of attention on the CBC, and so I have heard of her for some time, listened to her songs when she got the air time, but I never owned any of her albums. Though she is American, she has been active in the Canadian indie-music scene, namely, The Sadies and The New Pornographers.

I like the power of Neko's vocals in her song, Night Still Comes. And in wanting to share this song with you, I found a video of her singing the song, live, on CBC Radio's show, Q.

Happy Monday!

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