Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo Friday: Best-Laid Plans at the Louvre

I wanted an evening shot.
One of those nights when the fountains are stilled and the pools become mirrors. I wanted the pyramid reflected in such a way that it becomes a cube. I wanted a golden glow, with the palace facade of the Louvre standing in the background.
I planned the shot for after our second tour of the day, when we hoped the crowds had thinned, that we could see the Mona Lisa without obstruction.
But as we approached the entrance to the museum, a different light caught my attention, and we delayed our entrance for about a half an hour. When we saw Da Vinci's masterpiece, it paled by comparison.
When we left the Louvre, I had forgotten about my imagined photo, the one I wanted before we arrived. I got what I didn't know I wanted.
Happy Friday!

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