Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vincent Massey Park

I hung out here a lot when I was a kid. In my teens, I was involved in a bad collision on a bicycle as I neared this park, totalling my bike and losing a fair about of flesh and blood. I still cycle through it on a regular basis (see my bike in the photo?).

And this month, it is the 39th location of Where In Ottawa.

While this pavilion is relatively new, it has become as much a familiar symbol of the park as the old bandstand and the train underpass across from Carleton University.

Congratulations to John Richardson, who correctly identified the pavilion in Vincent Massey Park. John, please contact me at Roland_Axam@yahoo.ca and we'll talk about getting you your copy of my book (unless you've already received a copy: at 39 iterations of this contest, I'm beginning to lose track).

Where In Ottawa returns Monday, September 1.

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