Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Rhapsody

Autumn is my favourite season, and nothing says fall for me like the explosion of colour in the trees. Living in Ottawa, we have an abundance of trees that glow in this season, and just a short drive north takes us to the motherload of autumn colour.

Gatineau Park.

It's called Fall Rhapsody for a reason. Nowhere else will you see such vivid red, orange, and yellow, and the green leaves that have not yet changed fill out the dramatic contrast. Walking through the woods, you only have to look up, with the light pouring over like a theatre spotlight.

It's quite a show.

Of course, because this is such a popular time of year, especially when we have the kind of weather that we had yesterday, everyone wants to get out to see the colours first-hand. The parkways in the hills are bumper-to-bumper, the pathways on the many trails are elbow-to-elbow. It's sometimes hard to hear the wind in the trees for the murmur of the crowds.

But it's worth it.

If you haven't been up to Gatineau Park yet, do so soon. This is my favourite time of year, particularly because it's so fleeting.

And the Gatineau Park is one of my favourite spots for another reason. It's where my wedding was held, at the Mackenzie King Estates.

I'm surprised we weren't married in the fall, up here. Favourite time of year, favourite place, and my favourite girl.

That would have been some rhapsody.

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