Thursday, October 8, 2015

LaSalle Academy

It takes a keen eye to look at a window frame and know where it is.

I suppose that there aren't many windows that are at ground level, along a sidewalk, but I honestly haven't noticed before. Except, for this one and the others in this building.

This month's Where In Ottawa location is the LaSalle Academy, on Sussex Drive, across the street from the National Gallery of Canada. Congratulations to Bethany Harpur, who correctly identified this spot.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. Palatial school—the LaSalle Academy, also known as the Canada School of Public Service (who knew that there was a school for that?), occupies two historic buildings, which were the Bishop’s Palace and the College of Bytown (which later became the University of Ottawa). So, we have a palace and a school.
  2. 1847 foundation—Father J.E. Bruno Guigues founded the College of Bytown in 1847;  the property was the region's first bilingual school and its first secondary school. Incidentally, the LaSalle Academy is on the corner of Sussex Drive and Guigues Avenue.
I drive past this beautiful, historic building every time I drive home from work. We have so many wonderful structure from the past in the Byward Market. It's like travelling back in time, every time I pass through it.

It's nice to know that you still like to play this game, and that those of you who have solved the contest in the past haven't tired of it.

You haven't tired, have you?

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, November 2.

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