Monday, September 12, 2016

Dunton Tower

When I was working toward my English degree at Carleton University, way back in the early 90s, there were many late evenings where I would race up to the sixteenth floor of Dunton Tower to get a timestamp on an essay and slide it under the English Department's door, to meet my professor's deadline.

I've never missed a deadline and have continued that streak to this day.

(Not sliding papers under doors, but making sure my project gets completed on time.)

As one of the major landmarks of Carleton University, and because I pass it on my way to and from work, I decided to make it the location for this month's Where In Ottawa.

Congratulations to my dear old friend from Journalism School (which we didn't take at Carleton), Becky Garceau, for solving this photo challenge. Here are the clues that, with the photo, helped her locate the building:
  1. Rise above all others—Dunton Tower, at 22 storeys, is the tallest building on the Carleton campus.
  2. Quad = 5—when I was going to Carleton, Dunton Tower was one of four buildings that closed in the quad, a square park-like area that was popular for hanging out or studying. Today, five buildings surround the quad: Dunton Tower, MacOdrum Library, Paterson Hall, Tory Building, and Azrieli Pavilion.
  3. Way-higher learning—university is well-known as an institution of higher learning. If you took a class in Dunton Tower, you'd be way higher.

Thanks for everyone who played. The next Where In Ottawa will be on October 3.


  1. Eek, Carleton misspelled in one of the middle graphs! I love your photo challenges.

  2. Funny, I knew I had seen that fractured sky pattern before, and even when you said "quad", I thought Carleton! I suppose that I think od the DT windows are bigger…

    Nice once :)