Friday, September 2, 2016

Photo Friday: Kitchen Sink

Yes, I've spent a lot of time this week, talking about my home renovations. About tearing up the kitchen and building anew.

DW and I have taken care of most of the renovation details. All, except the kitchen sink, but even that's pretty much decided.

I haven't taken much time, this week, to think about photography, and that's too bad: my photography, for good or ill, keeps me grounded. Like my writing, it's a method of maintaining my sanity.

Last week, with vacation and reno shopping at the height of my priorities, I even forgot to take a photo for my Hog's Back Project.

I looked through lots of photos that I shot over the past month or so, looking at the ones I have yet to get through in post-processing, to look through the folders that contain photos I haven't even looked at.

I grabbed one of those photos, which I took at the end of a model shoot, at the old factory in Carleton Place. I took the photo because I liked the building and wanted to get my mind off the work I had done in the previous hour.

The shot in of itself was not much to look at: windows, bricks, and a deep-blue sky.

I looked in the various palates and filters in my photo-editing software, looking for something to do with it. A black-and-white effect came at me, looking at the richness of the sky. I wanted to make it black as night.

Easy enough to do.

But then I started looking at the building itself and was at a loss of how to shape it. So, I masked out the sky and started playing with special effects, textures, and colouring. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I threw everything at it.

Everything, but the kitchen sink.

I can't tell you how I created the image. I could never reproduce it. I don't know if I'm even done with it. I feel like one of those crazed artists, who stares at a canvas for hours and finally starts throwing every colour of paint at the surface with his bare hands, not measuring, not aiming at any particular spot.

I threw lots at this image, and this is what I got. Not sure if I'm finished.

Happy Friday!

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