Tuesday, September 6, 2016

They Don't Call It Labour Day for Nothing

We didn't toil all weekend with our home reno. We did take some time to enjoy the fabulous weekend.

Two evenings of dinner with old and dear friends: wine, beer, and a hot tub, which did much to soothe my old and aching muscles. Especially, my feet, which can no longer hold much more than my own weight, and not for very long.

We tore down the family room: our wall unit got separated, the various parts now stashed in corners around the house, their doors and contents not accessible for about a month or so, while we lay down the hardwood and affix the kitchen cabinets.

With one sofa put out to the curb, last week, the other has been carried to the basement. I'm fearful that while we managed to carry our shorter, red sofa down the narrow steps, getting it up will be a chore that will require someone with stronger feet to bring it back to the family room.

The worn and stained carpet is now gone, with nothing left but the plywood floors. Care was taken to ensure every nail and every staple was removed, so that there would be no obstacle for the hardwood. We discovered one challenge, as we removed the transition strip between the kitchen and the family room, where a quarter-inch particle-board layer separates the two rooms. It looks like we'll have to add another layer of plywood to the family room to make everything level.

The track lighting that hung over the fireplace is now gone. It was removed to make painting the ceiling easier, but it was a light fixture that we never liked, and so we're replacing it. The first coat of ceiling paint has covered the sloped stipple, where the ceiling starts at nine feet and ends at 11.

My back started to feel sore as the day wore on.

On track for this week is to paint the walls. New colours will hopefully give new life to this living space. On the weekend, I'll start pulling up the kitchen counters and cabinets, and removing the vinyl flooring.

That's when the easy stuff will be done. Stay tuned.

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