Friday, September 9, 2016

Photo Friday: Playing with Prisma

This is the most-addictive app I've ever put on my phone.

More addictive than Angry Birds or Hay Day. Probably more addictive than Pokémon Go, but I wouldn't know: that game has absolutely zero appeal to me.

This is a photo app, and that can draw my attention on its own. With my love of photography and photo editing, I'm always looking for a new way to present my photographs.

Prisma is such an app.

Like Instagram, it applies filters to your photos, but these filters are more complex than those of X-Pro, or Lo-Fi, or Hefe. These filters don't just change the hue or vibrancy of your photos.

Prisma applies complex algorithms to make your images look like works of art, mimicking the style of Edvard Munch (The Scream), or the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, or Picasso, plus many more. There are 38 different effects that you can apply to an image.

Of course, not all effects work with all photos, but you can play around and choose the best ones to suit your work.

Here are some examples of effects that I applied to my images.

My favourite one is with the whale, with the Japanese wave art effect. It helps that I captured natural waves in the shot.

Prisma is available on Google Play and iTunes. But I warn you: it's highly addictive.

Happy Friday!

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