Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Absolute Encore

The reason that I never showed the video of my stand-up comedy performance, last May, at Absolute Comedy, was because I fucked up my joke at the very end.

I could have died.

I had rehearsed for hours, over days, leading up to the big night under the lights, in front of the mic. Never once had I slipped with the punchline. After all, it's sort of a true story that I have told countless times to friends and family.

And yet, in a room packed with people, mostly strangers, all of them listening to me, I got the line wrong.

If you want to hear me get it right (hopefully), you'll have your chance this Thursday (July 6).

After that last show, in which the students from my stand-up comedy class got to perform to a large crowd, I signed up to do it all over again. Not because I fucked up at the end of my set, but because I became hooked.

Or, as I told the class on my first night back, "I keep failing and am hoping that this time, I'll get it right."

I signed up again—my third kick at the can—because I like the class. It's a lot of fun and the people in the class are funny as hell. This time, half of my classmates were return students, and the other half were first-timers. And they are as impressive as they come.

Pierre Brault, our teacher, also keeps me coming back. His wit is contagious and he is a patient, encouraging teacher.

If you're looking for a good laugh, come join us on Thursday as we perform our practiced sets for our final, live class. The show starts promptly at 8:30 and tickets are only $5. That's just a little over 50 cents per comedian.

I will be performing a third or so of new material with some polish on some of my old material.

This time, I plan to get it right. This may also be the last time that I perform, but I've said that before.

If you can't make it, and if I don't screw up, I plan to post it, some time, on my blog.

If I don't post it, you'll know I fucked up again.

Hope to see you there!

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