Friday, July 28, 2017

Photo Friday: Beauty in Ruins

I had too much on my plate, last Saturday, and too little time in which to accomplish each of those bucket-list tasks.

My first priority was to get to Châteauguay, on the south shore of the St.Lawrence, across from the Island of Montréal. I had a family reunion and I didn't want to be late: there were people I hadn't seen in decades. There was a lot of catching up to do.

I also wanted to visit one of my favourite Québec breweries, was surprised that I hadn't done so years ago. Earlier this year, when I was driving through the run-down neighbourhood of Verdun,  I learned that this brewery was close to the streets where I first lived when I was born. It was a cold day, and I promised that I would return, check out the brewery, and explore these old streets.

I made it to the brewery. Stopped in for a pint. But what I didn't have time for was a walking tour of the old neighbourhood.

That would have to wait.

I'm headed back to Montréal, today. This evening, DW and I will go to the Just For Laughs Festival, check out Trevor Noah.

Tomorrow, we're spending a fair chunk of the day in Verdun. I have some unfinished business with the streets and my camera.

For now, I'll leave you with one of the few photos I took, from the terrace of McAuslan Brewery. It's not Verdun, but across the canal from it. This old building, known only as 12110 letellier on Google Maps, looks as though it's about to collapse on itself.

I hope it doesn't happen any time soon. I hope the city never pulls it down.

Because there's a sort of beauty in these ruins.

Happy Friday!


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