Monday, July 31, 2017

Heritage House

The bust in the window was pointless.

Unless you've been to Heritage House, have walked around the 1889 Queen Anne Revival-style structure, have looked in the windows, you would never have seen it.

Instead, I decided to show you something the next day that, while not clearly visible, was easy to see from the road.

If you were paying attention as you drove by.

Also known as Building Number 60 on the Central Experimental Farm, the location of this month's Where In Ottawa is Heritage House, home to the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal.

Congratulations to Marc Bru, of Square Timber Brewing, for solving the photo challenge. Marc is one of my contest's winningest players, having solved the challenges about a half-dozen times. He has proven that he knows Ottawa time and time again.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. Here since 1889—in 1886, then-Minister of Agriculture Sir John Carling successfully lobbied for a 188-hectare plot of land in which to conduct scientific experiments that were related to botany and horticulture. This land was granted just outside of Ottawa and is now known as the Central Experimental Farm. Heritage House was built three years later by the Department of Public Works and was the residence for cereal grains research staff.
  2. There's a roundabout way to find this place—while there are many roads that lead into the Experimental Farm, the closest access point to Heritage House is via the roundabout, on Prince of Wales Drive.
  3. Home of arbitration—the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal reviews violation notices that are issued by federal agencies that regulate food. They act like a court to arbitrate grievances between agricultural agencies.
  4. Food fight!—this is my simple way of explaining clue number 3.
  5. 60—as I said, Heritage House is also known as Building 60.
  6. Do you have a permit for that food?—according to the tribunal's Web site, the tribunal listens to cases dealing with those who have been charged for bringing animal or plant products into the country without permission.

There you have it.

Thanks to everybody who played. The next Where In Ottawa is next Monday, August 7. 

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