Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo Friday: O-Train Overpass

I love the winding path through Vincent Massey Park, how it meanders under the full, summer-grown trees.

The Rideau River, having violently fallen over Hog's Back, calms as it bends eastward, and flows calmly, from Carleton University to Billings Bridge.

For decades, the bridge had no traffic, as though the line, having been tunnelled under Dow's Lake, had been buried for good. Yet now, for the past handful of years, a commuter train carries the public from Lebreton Flats to South Keys, stopping short of the airport, and back.

In between, university students have the light rail trains stop on the campus doorsteps, the red vehicles moving back and forth with more frequency than the buses ever did.

And passing over the river, the deep hum of the diesel engines, the wheels screeching on the iron rails, shows motion above and below the bridge. Three thoroughfares: river, rails, and path.

Happy Friday!


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