Monday, August 6, 2018

Where In Ottawa LXXI

This month's Where In Ottawa photo challenge may look like it's a piece of cake, but it isn't.

Mmm... cake.

Unless you truly know where this spot is, I suspect you'll be scouring Google Maps for some time.

For those of you who haven't played my photo challenge before, here's what I do: below, you'll see a photo that has been shot somewhere in Ottawa. Your job is to identify the spot and let me know by leaving your answer in the Comments section to this post. The first person to correctly identify the location of the photo wins (bragging rights only).

Please do not send me your answer through any other means: no Twitter, no Facebook, no e-mail, no smoke signals. You can guess as many times as you like.

For every day in which no correct answer is provided, I will leave a clue in the right-hand margin of this blog, below my goofy face. If the challenge isn't won by noon on Friday, August 10, the contest ends and I'll reveal the location on Monday, August 13.

Ready for this month's challenge?

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!


  1. You've got it, Mike. It figures it would be you. Congratulations, buddy!

  2. Thanks Ross. I’ve been meaning to photograph that bridge for a while. I’ll get to it some day.