Monday, June 3, 2024

Circling the Rabbit Hole

Yeah, like I needed more stress in my life.

It isn't enough that I'm constantly worried about what kind of life my kids are going to have in this economy and environment, where owning a home is a fantasy and some governments are actually working against reversing the effects of climate change. We really have left our kids with a horrible mess.

To escape the stresses of this world, I often escape to a good show on one of the many streaming services I have or I surf YouTube for a channel that will either inspire me, educate me, or entertain me. I've shared some of the YouTube channels to which I've subscribed in a previous post (here, too)—some of those channels I've dropped but most of them I still tune to.

I've also started subscribing to some YouTube channels that are not only educating me but they're also stressing me out.

I stumbled upon one channel, SciManDan, a science educator who makes videos about debunking a lot of the misinformation that we see out on the Internet and on social media. In particular, Dan debunks Flat-Earthers.

And after watching a couple of SciManDan's videos, the YouTube algorithm started suggesting other channels, to which I have also subscribed: Dave McKeegan and Conspiracy Toonz. Through these channels, I've also gone to (but not subscribed—god no!) the actual channels of the Flat-Earthers that are being debunked.

I've also subscribed to a conspiracy theory podcast, aptly named Conspiracy Theories. In this series, there are stories around UFOs, strange phenomena affecting neighbourhoods, Harry Houdini's death, and more. This podcast doesn't stress me out as much as the YouTube channels, as I see these stories unfolding more as entertainment.

I think what stresses me out the most is how some people truly seem to believe that there are coverups everywhere and that science is a joke. There are people who believe nothing except what comes out of their fellow conspirators or Flat-Earthers.

It's like society is taking a giant leap backwards.

I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole, eating up the conspiracies myself, though I do joke about them. Rather, I'm circling the rabbit hole—taking a peek without falling in. Looking to see what the other side thinks while holding onto my own understanding of how the world works and that the Earth is truly, undeniably, a globe.

What I've discovered is stressing me out.

Happy Monday!

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