Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Friday: Adding Drama

Sometimes, nature can be dramatic; other times, it needs a little help.

On Sunday, I was in my back yard, catching up on some much-needed gardening, when I felt the winds pick up and the temperature cooled. Looking up, I saw some clouds moving in and two unusual columns were building out of the top of it, almost like the antennae of an insect, or two heads of turtles, or of two dinosaurs. Or two columns of fear.

I had my iPhone in my back pocket, my ear buds plugged in, music flowing into my brain. Pulling it out, I tried to capture the image as it was quickly changing shape.

It was a pretty dramatic sky, warning my of the impending storm that hit us a short time later. But in my mind, these clouds needed more drama.

Enter: Camera+ and about three effects...

My wife accuses me of adding drama to everything. I think she may be right.

Happy Friday!

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