Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Friday: Sunset Sailing

Some members of our family have recently joined the Britannia Yacht Club, and on occasion they have invited us to join them after their sail.

The club is situated along the Ottawa River, just east of Lac Deschênes, where the river is the most narrow before it flows through the downtown core of the city. Across the river from the club is the Deschênes neighbourhood of Gatineau, formerly the southern outskirts of Aylmer.

We have usually arrived either just as our family is sailing into the harbour, as they're unloading their boat, or, on this past weekend, just before they arrived. We have always arrived just before sunset, and every sunset has been spectacular.

Just like last Sunday's.

Family members, arriving as the sun sets.

It's hard to take a bad shot with such a lovely view.

Happy Friday!

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