Monday, August 6, 2012

Where In Ottawa: The August Edition

It's official: I'm running out of hard copies of Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary.

And so, for this version of my monthly photo challenge/giveaway, I'm offering a choice of format for (maybe) the last time. Since I received a stack of paperback copies of my book, in April, I've offered PDF or hard copies as a reward for correctly identifying the chosen spot in Ottawa.

Most of you, however, have preferred to take the soft copy of my book, and I understand: it's easy for me to quickly send it to you. Many of you have e-readers and have walked away from paper. I get that: many of my recent book purchases have been in Kobo, Kindle, and other formats for my iPad.

But I can't sign your e-reader, can I?

If the winner of this month's Where In Ottawa wants an autographed, paperback copy, it will be the last time one is offered if the winner wants to claim it. Otherwise, it will be offered in subsequent posts until it is gone.

Think of this copy as a limited edition: the last hard copy offered through The Brown Knowser.

When it's gone, only PDF copies will be on offer. So if you think you know where the following photo was shot, respond quickly. Here it is:

Do you know where this photo was shot? Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!

As always, if you've won previous Where In Ottawa challenges, you are ineligible for the book. But you are eligible for bragging rights, so play away.

Only answers that are left in the Post a Comment section of this post count towards the challenge. No tweets, no e-mail messages, and no comments on my Facebook wall will count.

Also, if you were with me when I shot the photo, you can't play. Got that, L??

For those of you who have been frustrated in the past, leaving guesses that aren't correct: don't give up! Sometimes, you've been close. Someday, you'll get it. Thank you for continually playing, for keeping this post the most popular on The Brown Knowser.

If you don't win a copy of Songsaengnim, you can always buy one. I'd be honoured to sign it for you!

Good luck!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not saying whether you're right or wrong, Amy, but I need a specific location. Cheers!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, Mary, that's such an awesome guess. But no, it's not Kingsmere.

      On a related note, I was married at Kingsmere: love that place.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! Congratulations, Matt, you correctly guessed the Chateau Laurier! My book is yours.