Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not for Prime-Time Viewing

If you read my blog at work, you might want to hold off reading this one until you get home and the kids are asleep.

Just like I had to do when I edited the photos.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Actually, this post is safe: just don't click the links unless you're in a safe environment.

For a couple of months, I have been a member of an Ottawa photography group and have been focusing on learning how to work in a studio, with lighting and a model. The shots from my first shoot can be seen here; the second shoot, here.

But I won't be posting my photos for my most-recent photo shoot on The Brown Knowser.

The theme of the shoot was "Low Key Bodyscapes." As the details of the shoot stated:
Images will be shot on a black background with various wardrobe and fabrics to provide for a variety of portfolio shots. To enhance learning attendees can participate in creating lighting set ups that could include, rim lighting or simple 1 or 2 light set ups. [sic]
I'm interested in taking photos in various light situations, and I've been wanting to experiment with rim lighting—applying light in such a way as to create dark shadows and light on the outer edges of the subject.

I'm not naive and I'm certainly not a prude:  I saw one of the sample photos from the event description and I figured that there might be some nudity or implied nudity. I'm not a stranger to nude photography: I've taken some in my youth (who hasn't in one form or another?) and when I worked in a camera store, I learned about several photo styles and methods.

In my years of photo experience, I've seen my share of nude photos.

But it wasn't until I showed up at the last shoot that I learned, as the model set up, that this was a nude photo shoot.

No "wardrobe;" few "fabrics."

I approached this shoot like the other two before. I treated the model with dignity and respect. The organizer of the event is an experienced photographer and a great teacher. Having worked with this model before, he was able to assist both her and the other photographers.

Thankfully, I wasn't the only novice: one person was also attending his first nude shoot; the other newbie was there, at his very first studio shoot.

We used two backgrounds: white and black. We used the white background to achieve a wash effect, getting the light to blend with the model's skin. We also had her use a sheer, white curtain to play with the light.

For the black background, we used low light to cast shadows across the model's body, creating interesting landscapes. We also created interesting shadows and contours. While we could use a low-powered flash with this darkened shoot, I preferred shooting without a flash, using only the steady lighting of the diffused soft boxes.

I was thinking that I would post a photo or two on my blog, but decided against it. For now. I'm okay with using occasional foul language, when appropriate (is there such a thing?), but I don't know if I want to post nude images on The Brown Knowser.

No matter how artistic I think they are.

But if you want to view the photos, I've added four to my 500px photo page. And there are some on the page for the photo meetup.

Go if you'd like, but as I said: do so at home, maybe tonight. The photos are not for prime-time viewing.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have, good or bad.

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