Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rewind: January 7-11, 2013

This week has blown by for me, mostly because I was in bed with a flu bug until Thursday. The only advantage to being in bed for a week was that I was able to write and assemble almost all of this week's blog posts in one day.

It's only fitting that now, in less than one day, you can review this week on The Brown Knowser.
  • Where In Ottawa: January 2013—the first photo challenge for the new year came with a dedication to a friend who was celebrating her birthday. The location of the photo was solved within a couple of hours.
  • Not For Prime-Time Viewing—a recent photo session left me thinking about my personal branding and what I am willing to show on The Brown Knowser.
  • Wordless Wednesday: Moorside—the location of the Where In Ottawa challenge also happens to be where my wife and I were married. There was a lot less snow on that lovely day.
  • What I'll Be Reading in 2013—my reading list has finally come together.
  • Photo Friday: Just One—I decided to post one of the photos from my recent photo shoot. I think it's art. What do you think?
Enjoy your weekend!

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