Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Friday: Just One

Okay, I've thought about it.

When I talked about the latest photo shoot that I attended, I said that I didn't think I wanted to post any photos on The Brown Knowser that I didn't think went with my "brand." Whatever that word means in terms of me.

But The Brown Knowser has been about me and my take on the world around me. I'm a writer and amateur photographer who has lots of thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I like to share. From my growing readership, I assume that those of you who follow me have enjoyed the journey that we've set out on.

My photography interests are growing, so why wouldn't I want to share my experiences?

I'm going to start with just one, today. I want to only show the photos that I feel are the most artistic and, at the same time, would offend the least number of followers, if any at all.

Only you can tell me if I'm wrong.

With the following photo, I used low light and no flash. I had the model rotate slowly, until only a sliver of light struck her. In post production, I darkened the photo further, increased the contrast, performed a high-pass sharpening (which makes the image slightly grainy), and converted the image to black and white.

The result, I think, gives the impression of a wisp of smoke that is definitely feminine.

What do you think? Should I keep this type of photography to my 500px account and my Ottawa Photographer Meetup group?

After all, I'm not going to do this sort of photography often. It's only one of many genres of photography that I want to explore.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Sinuous and gorgeous, nothing offensive about this. This type of nudity isn't pornographic its a celebration of the human body. If this were a man there would be no qualms about it, so why is it such a big deal that its a woman?

    I think that your blog should cover the full breadth of your interests and if people don't like it there's no obligation to read this post.