Saturday, February 9, 2013

Aberdeen Pavilion & Rewind

I'll get to this week's roundup of The Brown Knowser in a moment, but first I must clear up some unfinished business (which relates to this week's post).

My Where In Ottawa challenge was solved just before lunch time on Friday. That is to say, the person who left her answer on my blog post won the challenge. Some folks contacted me earlier in the week, as early as Tuesday, and told me that they had the solution, but weren't sure. Or they've won before, and wanted to give someone else a chance.

Let me be clear: as soon as you think you know the location in the photo, leave your comment. Right away. If you're wrong, no big deal: you can keep playing. Maybe your next guess will be correct. And if you've won in the past, you can win again. Why not earn yourself a winning streak?

Several people have won multiple times. That's great! Those folks can feel proud in knowing Ottawa very well. They can't earn any more copies of Songsaengnim, but they can pat themselves on the back.

So, if you think you know the location of the Where In Ottawa photo, speak up!

This week's winner has, indeed, won in the past. Congratulations, once again, Amy Boughner. You and your hubby, Joe (also a multi-time winner), clearly know your city.

This month's location is the Aberdeen Pavilion, also widely known as the Cattle Castle.

Here is how the clues panned out:
  1. That's no cow: high atop the outside of the pavilion, a horse's head adorns the facade. Even though this building is called the Cattle Castle.
  2. Not named after a city: this 1898 heritage building is named after the Governor General who presided over its opening, John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, or Lord Aberdeen.
  3. It's seen worse days: after being largely ignored for several years, the pavilion fell into such disrepair that, in 1991, city council almost had the building demolished. A year later, that decision was reversed and the Cattle Castle received a major restoration.
  4. The Stanley Cup was smaller then: the pavilion has been used as a hockey arena and was, in its early days, home to the Ottawa Hockey Club (later known as the Ottawa Senators). In 1904, Stanley Cup challenges were played here.
Once again, congratulations to Amy. I hope you play again. As always, Where In Ottawa returns on the first Monday of each month.

And that explains the Monday post of The Brown Knowser. Here's what else I posted.
  • Beer O'Clock: Keeping a Diary—my reviews are now more organized, thanks to a practical gift from a friend.
  • Wordless Wednesday: Near Alexandra Bridge—on Tuesday, I went to Jacques Cartier Park, hoping to capture night scenes from the Winterlude grounds: it was closed. With a snow squall blowing in, I lazily stood on the corner and shot whatever passed by. I also decided to play with HDR images again.
  • R.I.P. Penny—so the Canadian penny is no more. Do we really care?
  • Photo Friday: Selfie—in anticipation of a 365 project, I wonder if I'm going to be able to keep up my self-imposed challenge.
 And if you like my beer reviews, here are a couple at Beer O'Clock:
Enjoy your weekend!

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