Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From the Spotlight to the Searchlight

Photo by Jennifer Churchill
Last November, I asked you to check out one of Ottawa's gems of the music scene, Amanda Cottreau.

I hope that you did.

I know, I ask a lot of my readers: buy my book, try this beer, check out that artist... but have I ever steered you wrong? If you did, in fact, check out Amanda's music, you know that I was spot-on when I said that she has an ethereal voice that warms the heart, haunts the soul (and believe me, I'm using haunt in a good way).

Amanda's music plays all the time now on my portable device. And because I carry that device with me everywhere, I hear her in the house, in the car, at the office, and in the gym (when I actually do go there).

Now, I want to hear her on the radio. And this is where I once again call on you, my wonderful readers, for your help.

CBC Music and Ottawa's All In A Day are looking for the next Best New Artist. And they are calling on fans to vote for their favourite. I've already voted for mine and I want to help her succeed. Can you help me to help her?

Go to the CBC Searchlight page, find Amanda's song, Couldn't Wait, and give it a listen. And then vote for her.

And if you haven't yet picked up her CD, go to iTunes and treat yourself.


And good luck, Amanda!

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