Monday, May 20, 2013

And... We're Back

What started out for me taking a couple of days off from blogging turned into a week. And it's true what they say: if you stop writing for a while, you'll get rusty. The creative juices will slow. You'll get writer's block.

And while that's true, it's not the only reason why I haven't written a word in more than a week.

I've been incredibly busy.

Last Sunday, when I usually put together my tasting notes for Beer O'Clock and get my head into a frame for writing a Brown Knowser post, I was tired after having spent the weekend at yet another dance competition with my kids. I was so busy last weekend that I actually didn't have any beer. I didn't drink a drop. For me, not having any beer on a weekend is virtually unheard of.

And yet, I survived.

On Monday (I swear, I won't do a day-by-day breakdown of my week), after dinner, the family and I got caught up on some much-neglected house work, I decided that I would take one more day off and blog on Wednesday. I had shot a slew of photos on the previous week, so all I had to do was sort through them and do some editing.

We Prop Dads stick together
That was before I realized how busy I was going to be on Tuesday, when I helped out with my kids' dance recital, assembling and organizing props, and then running through rehearsals. That was Tuesday through Thursday (rehearsals), and Friday and Saturday (actual shows). By the time I returned home each evening, I was physically exhausted and mentally unprepared to sit down in front of my computer to write.

That's show biz.

But my own show must go on. I need to focus and let the creative juices flow once again. I need to crack open a new beer and share my thoughts with my fellow beer lovers.

Obviously, that's not happening today. This blog post just goes to show how rusty I can get.

Because today is a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day), I'm taking time to think. I'm going to start my morning with a 100-kilometre bike ride, during which I plan to do a lot of thinking. Bike rides, I find, are great for that, and my thoughts also take me away from the fact that I'm pushing my body with exercise. It's a win-win situation.

Now that I'm back at the keyboard, I hope to make each post count. (Except this one.) If I don't get something down, that's okay. I'll take a night off again.

You'll be here when I have something, won't you?

Beer O'Clock returns tomorrow.

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