Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shooting Models

Lori said I couldn't attend another photo shoot with a woman model until I did one with a male model.

Since I joined the Ottawa Photographer Meetup group, last fall, I have attended four model shoots: two, with women wearing costumes or outfits; two, with nudes. You can see some of my work here. And here. And here. And here.

"You told me you wanted experience shooting in a studio setting," she said. "Prove to me that your model shoots aren't all about the women."


Last night, I attended my first male-model photo shoot. The theme was Athletic Man: we shot the model under high-key and low-light situations. The idea of the shoot was to highlight the athleticism and masculinity of the model.

We started with a hockey theme and moved to boxing. In other poses, we used low lighting to accentuate the model's muscles. We also improvised and also let the model pose as he wanted.

It was very laid back and we all made light of the fact that there were four guys and only one woman shooting the model.

"How was it compared to having a woman take her clothes off?" Lori asked me when I returned home.

I know that some of you find it hard to believe, but I'm a shy person. Socializing, especially around people I don't know, can be mentally and physically exhausting. Socializing with women is especially hard because half the time I struggle to find something interesting to say.

Photographing women models is the hardest thing I've ever done. Photographing the nude models is even worse, because I'm constantly trying to think of things to say to keep the energy going, all the while trying to maintain my composure over the fact that the person in front of me, who I've never met before, is naked.

Talking to a woman I've only just met is hard; talking to a naked woman that I've only just met: terrifying.

It wasn't so bad this time. I had met a couple of the photographers at previous shoots and the model was talkative, animated, and easy to work with. And, because he started off by wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, he broke the ice without having to say a word.

Would I shoot a male model again? Absolutely.

Because it was too late to begin editing my photos last night, I'll work on a couple today and will give you something for tomorrow's Photo Friday. Plus, I'll add some to my Flickr page and to my 500px album.

And now Lori can't complain if I participate in another model shoot with a woman. I complied with her demand.

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