Friday, May 3, 2013

Photo Friday: Athletic Man

I find that black-and-white photography works best for shooting models. It allows the eyes to focus on the lighting, the shadows.

When I first took this shot, I looked at the screen on the back of my camera. It's really small: maybe 1.5" by 2". And with my poor vision, it's not the best way for me to judge the quality of a photo. But when I saw this shot, I knew it was good.

I showed it to the model, who let out a "wow." Which made all the other photographers want to look. And I won a chorus of wows.

When I looked at it on my 19" laptop monitor, I liked it a lot more. But it needed a little touch up. And it needed black and white.

What to you think?

Happy Friday!


  1. Amazing!!! This makes me want to go buy a camera and learn how to use it...

    1. I'll let you play with my camera when I come to visit.

  2. Finally, a shot for... my demographic! ;P

    1. Not sure if the model will be pleased to hear that.

      You can see other examples from the shoot, from me and other photographers, at