Monday, May 27, 2013

Much to Tell

So, I just returned late last night from a quick trip to New York City and I have lots to tell, but no time to tell it all today.

What I will say is that I spent about 48 hours with my best friend in our pursuit of coffee, beer, and photo ops (not necessarily in that order). I also met my oldest virtual friend (we've known each other through LinkedIn and Twitter for a couple of years), who is virtual no more.

In those 48 hours, I sampled hot beverages from four independent coffee houses, drank 15 different beers, and captured countless images. And, most importantly, I've solidified and strengthened friendships.

This week, I will be devoting this blog to this past weekend, with photos and writings, and perhaps some reviews. At Beer O'Clock, I will have several reviews.

For now, just a couple of photos.



  1. Looking forward to the posts Ross. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable and memorable trip.

    1. Indeed, it was great. I'm really sad that it's over.

      And exhausted. And happy that it happened.


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