Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Friday: Another Sunset

We've had some great sunsets, lately.

This summer has brought some unsettled weather, with the heat, humidity, and the summer thunderstorms. In the past few weeks, we've seen some really heavy downpours, mixed with thunder, lightning, and even tornado threats.

We've seen a few funnel clouds, and early this week, a tornado actually touched down in the east end of town.

It's a photographer's dream.

I've captured a few downpours, some lightning, and some really dramatic clouds. With any luck, I'll capture a funnel cloud (but I hope no damage comes with it).

I have captured some beautiful sunsets, but I think one of the nicest ones came more than a week ago. I've shown that one in last week's Photo Friday and again in this week's Wordless Wednesday. When I saw that orange ball sinking towards the dark storm clouds, I knew it was going to be a great sight, and so I pulled over to capture it, knowing that I was already running late for meeting my family.

When I finished taking those shots, I continued on my journey and arrived at my destination, the Britannia Yacht Club. I got out of my car, camera still in hand, still marvelling at the changing sky as the dying sunlight still stretched above the clouds. The lighting was surreal, and because I was standing near still water, the reflections made the boats in the harbour seem to glow.

I took more shots.

That was one of the best sunsets this season.

Happy Friday!

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