Monday, August 12, 2013

Rule, Britannia Road!

When I went out of town on Friday morning, knowing I wouldn't be home until late on Sunday evening, I felt bad that I wasn't going to have a clue for my Where In Ottawa contest on the weekend. For me, it was a good thing: this was a tough location and I didn't have many clues prepared.

Seriously, I need to start coming up with the clues while I'm choosing the location, rather than wracking my brain about them the night before I need to post them. By Friday, I was pretty much tapped out for ideas for clues.

But it seems that I didn't need any more clues, because last evening, the challenge was solved.

Congratulations to Chris Griffin, who correctly identified the photo as being the Posh Pets store in Britannia Village. Close enough: it's called Posh Puppies.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. The Villagers would know it: there is only one road into Britannia Village. As you head north on that stretch of Britannia Road, it's the first building on your left. And, because the road has a gentle sweep to the right, you face the building as you enter the village. You can't miss it.
  2. Pampered pets, art & fix it: the building, which looks like it might have been a house at one time that had its garage extended, houses Posh Puppies, a pet boutique and grooming salon. It is also home to a repair shop and an art shop (I never got close to see if it's an art supply shop or art studio).
  3. One road to RULE them all: as I said, there is only one road into Britannia Village. As I discovered this, the title to the patriotic British song, Rule, Britannia, came to mind.
  4. Sail on, down the road: if you drive to the very end of Britannia Road, you come to the Britannia Yacht Club. You can sail on from there.
So that's it for this month. Where In Ottawa will return on Monday, September 2. Complete with prepared clues... I hope.

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