Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stockpiling Posts

Today's post may not convince you, but I've been spending more time writing.

True, I spend a couple of hours, almost every day, either putting words together, taking photos, and trying new beer for The Brown Knowser.

I can sleep when I die. Which may happen sometime over the next few weeks.

Because my family and I will be going on vacation soon, canoeing from Kingston to Ottawa, I won't always have access to the Internet. I'm not planning to post any blogs from the Rideau River canal system, though I will be packing my camera, my iPad and keyboard, and my iPhone. While I'm sitting at whatever place we manage to set up camp, I will put my thoughts down. When I return to civilization, I will hopefully have material worth sharing.

But because I will be away for at least a week, I fear that I will be away from The Brown Knowser too long. And I've become addicted to maintaining my readership.

So I have taken some extra time to write posts to cover my absence. I have stockpiled words and photos. I have consumed beer... wait... that's not out of the ordinary. But I will have one or two to offer while I'm away.

Who knows? You might not even realize I'm gone.

Twitter might become a little quieter. You're welcome.

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