Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: Assisi

Every so often, I look at some of the shots I've taken in the past, wondering if I can improve them.

One of my favourite photos that I took on my family's 2009 vacation in Italy was in the vaults of the cathedral in Assisi.

I was a little cheeky at the time, because photography was prohibited in various locations, including the spot where I shot this favourite photo of mine.

Perhaps I took a little pleasure in sin?

I've always been happy with the way it came out naturally, even though it was a little dark. I liked the faint stream of light that fell on the hanging object (sorry, I'm not religious so I have no idea what it's called).

Here is the shot, run through the HDR exposure merge (as a single image), and then tweaked a little.

I still prefer the original, but this one isn't bad either. What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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