Monday, December 12, 2016

Done But Not Complete

Essentially, we're done.

We have our kitchen fully functional, have cooked and served several meals, have had family members eat around our new island.

All of our appliances are installed and operational, all of the furniture is in place. Our living room and dining room, which were not being renovated but were turned upside-down as we first used the space as a temporary kitchen and later as a dumping ground for all the tools, paints, and so on, have been cleaned out of excess waste, have had their furniture put back in place, and are once more livable spaces.

Last night, we even put our Christmas tree up.

For the most part we're done. For now. We're not completed.

We haven't chosen under-counter lighting, and so wires are coiled and taped out of the way. We'll maybe install those between Christmas and New Years, when we're off for the holidays.

The window frame above the sink, while not in a total state of disrepair, could use a fresh coat of paint. I didn't remember it could use it until I had put all of our paint supplies had been put away.

We need new curtains for the back door, but for now, we like to let the light pour in.

We haven't hung our pictures and paintings on the wall because, now that our wall over the fireplace is brown, my enlarged photo of a New York subway station no longer looks good in that space. I need to have another photo take its place.

These are little things, trivial to the enjoyment of our redesigned living space. They are not essential to the function of our kitchen. We can still relax in our family room with these tiny tasks undone.

We have our house working again. Time to think of our next project.

Here are some before and after photos. 

We're done, but we're not complete.

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