Thursday, December 8, 2016

Not Quite the Holidays

I don't like to start Christmas early. In fact, if I was the supreme leader of the universe, this highly commercial holiday would be banned between December 26 and December 10.

No commercials, no decorations, so sappy music, no holiday shows. Two weeks before the big day is enough time to celebrate.

And no, I'm not a Grinch. I value the time spent with friends and family, giving thanks for what we have, hoping to spread goodwill to everyone. But with each passing year, my tolerance for early celebration diminishes.

I haven't decorated the house (hell, I haven't finished cleaning up after our kitchen renovations). I haven't bought our tree. I haven't shopped for gifts (okay, DW and I have already bought our own big-ticket items, but we haven't wrapped them).

I love egg nog, but I don't drink it until two weeks before and I stop buying it after Christmas Day. Last week, however, DW brought a bottle home with her grocery shopping. I didn't want to open it before the weekend, but last night, I had an uncontrollable craving, didn't want a beer or a glass of wine, and she had already broken out some peppermint Kahlua for some coffee.

I love the original Kahlua, used to drink Black Russians in my youth. During the holidays, instead of adding rum to my egg nog, I add the dark, thick, syrupy liqueur. My mix is:
  • Any size glass you want.
  • Any amount of egg nog that you want to put in that glass.
  • Whatever amount of Kahlua you feel is right.

Let the holidays begin: your supreme leader has spoken.

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