Friday, December 9, 2016

Photo Friday: Dow's Lake Pavilion

The last time I saw my friend, Becca, was last Sunday. I went to her place to return some tools she had lent DW and me to finish the tile work in our kitchen. They were cleaned and in a bin, and I had thrown in a six-pack of IPA as a thank you for her help with our renovations.

I then drove home, making a detour to take some photos for the upcoming Where In Ottawa, and I decided to stop at Dow's Lake, on Queen Elizabeth Drive, across from the pavilion, which I decided to use for this month's photo challenge.

Congratulations, Becca!

It's a mere coincidence that Becca solved the challenge. She had no idea where I was going when I left her and we hadn't spoken to each other since she left her guess in the Comments section of the blog post.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. Rich view—if you're in one of the halls in the pavilion, the ones in the challenge photo, you look across the lake and toward the multi-million-dollar homes of the Glebe Annex. It's funny that one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the city was, until the 1930s a rail and lumber yard.
  2. Swamped? D'ow! That's just great!—before the man-made lake was constructed, Dow's Lake was known as Dow's Great Swamp. It was named after an American, Abram Dow, who settled in the area in the early 19th century. A dam was constructed on the north end of the swamp, not far from the pavilion, to allow flooding for the Rideau Canal.
  3. A bridge ran through it—or a causeway. It's hard to tell. But according to geoOttawa, a 1928 aerial photo shows a roadway that starts where Preston Street and Prince of Wales Drive now meet, and runs east, across the northern portion of the lake, where it splits at present-day Lakeside Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Drive.
I want to give a big thank you to Anita Ruivo and Dwayne Brown, of loveOttawa, for providing a t-shirt for the winner. It's a snazzy shirt that will look great when Becca celebrates Canada's 150th birthday, next year. Just one more reason to love Where In Ottawa!

Anita and Dwayne are the team behind my profile photo, which I use on this blog, on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Thanks again for your great work!

The next photo challenge is January 2, 2017.

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