Friday, December 16, 2016

Photo Friday: On a Slow Night

Immediately after lamenting my lack of picture taking over the past few weeks, I found myself taking pictures of everything.

The Where In Ottawa location. The snowfall at work and at Hog's back. A foggy sunrise. Bottles and cans of beer. Cars that parked too close to mine, in case they left a mark.

Just before the snow came, I made a stop along Queen Elizabeth Drive to shoot the crescent moon and the hundreds of ducks and geese that have flocked to the Rideau Canal.

By the time I was parked and set up, it was too dark to see the fowl creatures and wisps of cloud were obscuring the moon. I could see cars lazily cruising Colonel By Drive, across the drained Dow's Lake, with Carleton University in the background.

I was there, anyway: I may as well take the shot. And, besides, the light from the distant buildings was reflecting nicely off what little water remained in the lake.

It wasn't going to be a slow night, after all.

Happy Friday!

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