Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hog's Back: A Year in Pictures

I've got to say: this project made the year go quickly.

Mornings, afternoons, evenings. All four seasons, from January to December. I only missed three weeks: two, because I was out of town; one, because I left it to the end of a week and then got sick.

This site, though a beautiful one, was not as eventful as my last year-long project. No creepy people approaching me, no crazy ones telling me that I was making the geese uneasy and that I should leave. I encountered no torrential rain, no high winds, no blizzards.

Only a couple of people approached me as I set up my tripod and took my shots. One man commented on what a beautiful day it was, and then kept moving. Another asked me if I had taken any good shots. "It's hard to take a bad one, here," I said. We exchanged smiles and enjoyed the view in silence.

Once, two young women were standing in my spot, as it were, taking a selfie with an iPhone. I stood a comfortable distance, but made my presence known. When they saw me with my equipment, they asked if I would use the smartphone to take a better picture. I did my best, they were pleased with the results, and they continued to chat with me as we exchanged places, so that I could set up my equipment.

They were curious, wanted to know what I was planning to do. I explained my project, showed them the results of the photos I captured as we chatted. I gave them my Brown Knowser business card, telling them where they could see the others, letting them know that when I was done I would create a video of the whole project.

I learned that they were students at the nearby Carleton University, in their first year. One had lived in Ottawa her whole life but was visiting Hog's Back for the first time. The other, from a Southern Ontario town, was new to all of Ottawa.

I wonder if they checked the progress of my project? I wonder if they're reading this post now?

I've finished this project, took my final photo on December 27. From winter, through the seasons, and back to winter.

I know what I'm doing for my next project. It's more labour-intensive, will take more thought. All will be revealed in the New Year. Until then, here's the compilation video of my Hog's Back Project.


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  1. Very nice. I did something similar at the Central Experimental Farm through the seasons with my smart phone(s). See: I also experienced similar awkward waiting during another time-lapsed photo project in 2015. See:

    Happy New Year.