Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo Friday: Experimental Fog

I've been negligent of late, carrying my camera wherever I go but reluctant to use it.

I've been pushing myself to stop at Hog's Back Falls, to finish my year-long project. With only four more weeks to shoot, it would be a shame to give up now.

But apart from that project, I have taken no photos in the last two weeks, save three.

I had an appointment on Wednesday that took me along Prince of Wales Drive, past the Experimental Farm. With the dense fog that settled over the city, looking into the fields was tantamount to looking into oblivion. Only a few, bare trees left darkened shadows in the distance.

I promised myself that on my way back from my appointment that I would make a detour, would drive the narrow farm roads to take a photo or two.

I took three but only liked two of them enough to want to process them.

One, that I wanted to share.

I took my shots, jumped back into my Focus, and continued on my way, with another brief stop at Hog's Back.

And lunch.

And gas (for the car).

I'm going to have to bring my camera out more, this weekend: Where In Ottawa returns on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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