Moore Moore Moore!

How do you like it, how do you like it?

October's Where In Ottawa has been solved by a fellow named Marc. The location of this month's challenge is, indeed, the Moore Farm Estate, on Boulevard Alexandre-Taché, in Gatineau.

When I take the bus into work, I pass this stately farm and I have always wanted to photograph it. One morning in the summer, I did just that.

I'm surprised that Marc solved the challenge so quickly, given the clues I provided. Perhaps he sees the estate regularly, too? Here are the clues, explained:
  1. La vieille ferme—I was hoping that the fact that I wrote "the old farm" in French would point to the fact that this estate is on the north side of the Ottawa River, in Québec.
  2. A century old: perhaps more—the Moore Farm was built around 1910 or so; I threw in "more" to play with the name.
  3. Family-owned until '73—in 1973, the estate was donated to the Government of Canada in 1973 by Mrs. Virginia Parker Moore.
There you have it. Let's do this again next month.


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