Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday: Unfiltered

No, this isn't another beer blog.

Earlier this week, when I posted my beer review, I talked about the long weekend and being out among the autumn colours. And I included a photo of the autumn leaves as I overlooked Lac Bernard, in the Gatineau Hills.

That photo was actually three photos, combined in a high dynamic range (HDR) effect.

What I actually saw over the weekend, untouched, was much better.

Less than 30 minutes after I took the bracketed shots for the HDR photo, the sun set. Because the sky was mostly overcast, I didn't expect to get much. 

I was wrong.

The sun, below the tree line, appeared through the clouds. The ensuing light went upwards and bounced off the rolling clouds.

I ran outside and started shooting. Here's what I got, untouched.

I don't think anything needs to be done to this shot. Do you? Sometimes, applying no filters or post-production photo-editing effects is just not necessary.

Happy Friday!

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