Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Friday: Carousel

Rarely do I think that I need to carry a camera when I go to a shopping mall. And so I don't.

Many years ago, I tried taking photos in Ottawa's Rideau Centre with my Minolta X-700. Before I could get my first shot off, a security guard approached me and told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures unless I had permission from the mall management.

With my iPhone, taking photos hasn't been an issue. Snap and go. I don't even think security cares as much anymore.

Last weekend, on our way home from the Finger Lakes district of New York State, we stopped at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. It was our first time actually stopping in Syracuse, let alone spending a few hours in a shopping mall. And little did I know that there was an actual carousel from the early 1900s in the mall.

It costs $1 to ride the carousel. We gave the kids the last of the coins from our pockets and watched them as they chose their steeds. One of the neat things about the ride is that the folks who operate it are very generous. If there is no one waiting to get on, they let it run. When the girls got on, the ride ran for at least five minutes. It gave me a chance to take a few photos, but because I don't carry my D-SLR around in a mall, my iPhone had to do.

In addition to taking stills with Camera+, I also used another app: Slow Shutter Cam. It essentially allows you to take photos at a slow shutter speed, thereby giving the effect of motion. I last used it when I went on the Macgasm Instagram Photo Walk, where I took photos of crowds moving around Parliament Hill.

The app is perfect for a carousel. And luckily, a woman with a stroller stood relatively still for the two-second exposure. I only wish I had my mini tripod to make the image clearer. Unprepared, here's what I got.

Do you see the kids?

Happy Friday!

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