Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Friday: Pink Lake

I've said this many times: I love autumn.

I think I take more photos in the fall than in any other season. I love to get out and explore places, my camera slung over my shoulder. I feel that there is an urgency to taking in the colours in nature, for I know that they won't last long, are at the mercy of the weather.

Last weekend, I insisted to my family that after our Sunday brunch, we get in our shiny new car and drive up to the Gatineau Hills and go for a hike. They were reluctant, especially the kids. After our three-hour, five-mile trek over steep paths in the Finger Lakes district, the girls didn't want to go again. I promised them that I would take them somewhere beautiful: no, there wouldn't be any waterfalls, but there would be a beautiful, clear, peaceful lake.

I took them to Pink Lake, less than 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Pink Lake has a beautiful trail that takes you around the perimeter of the lake. The two-and-a-half-kilometre circuit can take 40 to 50 minutes to walk at an easy pace. And because there are lots of stairs and boardwalks along the route, it isn't taxing for most people.

Lori and the girls took off like a shot from the very start. They wanted to see how quickly they could complete the trail without breaking into a run. I, on the other hand, strapped on my camera bag and took my time. I wanted to capture the beauty of the lake.

You can see more of my photos on my Picasa Web album.
BTW: Lori and the kids finished the hike in 36 minutes (they timed it). I caught up with them some 14 minutes later.

Happy Friday!

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