Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It'll Happen Again

As sickened as the world is over the horror that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut, as much as we grieve and cry out that enough is enough, that we call on the American president to take action, nothing will change.

Not in our lifetime.

The gun owners, who have their hardons over owning powerful weapons, built only to kill people, will stand firm that the Second Amendment is more important than the safety of children in schools, will continue to stock up on their armour-piercing bullets so that, should anyone try to take their weapons away, will ensure that it only happens over their dead bodies.

No one needs an assault rifle. No one needs an automatic weapon that holds dozens of rounds. No one, save the military (and only in combat situations).

This week, America is not known for its art or its humanity. This week, America is known for its guns, for its violence.

This most-recent massacre is not the last one. As long as anyone can purchase weapons, as long as anyone can carry one, whether out in the open or concealed, tragedies like Newtown will happen again.

And again. And again.

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