Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rewind: December 24-28, 2012

Well, I've survived my first week of Christmas vacation. The presents are opened, the belly is full, and company has been shared (I hope to share more company in the coming week).

Today, we are expecting yet again more snow. Having shovelled about 15 cm or so more than a week ago and another 30 cm a couple of days ago, I think that Mother Nature has already made her point: it's winter.

So while we wait for another 5 cm to fall today, why not take a moment to catch up on the past week of The Brown Knowser:
  • Operation: Christmas—I like the retelling of this Christmas tale. And judging by the responses I received, you did too.
  • Wordless Wednesday: White Out—the day after our first big storm, the wind blew the snow around and caused havoc on the roads in my neighbourhood. After driving this road many times, driving my girls back and fourth between dance practices, I finally stopped and pulled out my camera. I only wish I had a hat and gloves... brrr!
  • Time Off—because Tuesday was Christmas, I took some time off from writing. But I thought I'd let you know about the tradition for the holiday at the Brownfoot homestead.
  • Photo Friday: White—on a beautiful Boxing Day, the affects of the snowstorm lay evident in the surrounding trees.
That's it. Just a short week. Because I'll still be on holiday until January 7, I can't guarantee that I'll blog every day next week. But you know me: I'll find time to jabber about something. And on Monday, I'll be showing my favourite photos of 2012.

Enjoy your weekend!

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